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With over 25 years’ experience, our certified professionals are simply the best in the industry! Not only are they qualified, they are ethical and passionate about their careers!

We have taken great measures to ensure that our professionals have the knowledge and expertise needed to provide high-quality services to our clients. Because of this, our professionals regularly attend continuing education courses throughout the year to guarantee they are applying the most up-to-date products safely and effectively for our residential and commercial clients. We are an environmentally safe company, delivering environmentally safe products and services.

Certified Applicator Star


Don’t take our word for it, just have a look at some of the comments our happy clients have left!

We finally got the pesky raccoon that was destroying our house! Jose, with Bug Guys was very knowledgeable and kind! He used techniques other pest companies would not consider. No raccoon in the attiic, We had already tried 3 pest companies that did not seam to care! Took my money and gave no results! Thank you Jose and Bug Guys! Would recommend to anyone. They don’t overcharge and they get the job done!

Lisa S.

I have been a customer of Bug Guys Pest Control for a few years now and I am a very satisfied customer. I value their honesty and consistency. Jose and Star are so friendly and knowledgeable.

Ida W.

One of the best experiences we've ever had with any type of service. They were helpful and went above and beyond what they needed to. We needed a board nailed back in place on our roof to keep pigeons from sneaking in to our attic. They came out to repair. Spent an hour trying to get to it. Due to the pitch of the roof they weren't able to do it yet they didn't charge us a dollar despite the time and effort they expended. Can't recommend them enough.

Randa S.

The folks at Bug Guys are great. With other pest control companies the office calls you back, then later you either meet the technician for the first time at your home or business or the technician calls you back later. Not these guys, the technician called me back quickly and diagnosed my pest problems first, then they came out. The process was very personal and efficient. Thanks Bug Guys.

Harold I.

Thanks for responding so quickly to my squirrel problem. I couldn`t believe they chewed their way in. You guys caught them all and sealed up all the openings neatly.

Simon W.

Bug Guys Pest Control does a great job. Very efficient and reliable. I highly recommend this company.

Michelle T.