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Lacewings: a biological pest control

Are you noticing a bunch of green winged friends… they are small, very lacy looking wings… This is where they get there name..the Lacewing…never fear…they are actually very beneficial to your home environment…they eat insect eggs, aphids, thrips, mealy bugs and much more!!! Do your research and you will see, don’t kill them, keep them around 🙂  

BEES BEES BEES…Whats the buzz about

Take a look at what type of damage a bee colony in your home can do. This was removed from a small home by our Bee man….  

Don’t get stung…get the Bug Guys….

Bug Guys now offers Bee removal. Call us anytime for a free estimate of removing your unwanted bees.

Raspberry Crazy Ant

A new exotic invasive pest ant species was found around Houston (Harris County), Texas in 2002, and has begun to spread with human assistance. The ant has yet to be identified to species and is commonly referred to as the Rasberry crazy ant, Nylanderia sp. nr. pubens (LaPolla, et al). Do some research and look at how much damage they
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